Sunday, January 12, 2020

Resources for Student Research - Penguins

I just love finding resources for my students to conduct research.
My favorite animal is penguins, so I have students study about them and create 3D puffy penguins. It's a lot of work, but the students love it.

The unit actually begins with students choosing a penguin to study and then I send links to them through google classroom. Here is an example

Here is a list of all my penguin links

Here is a FREE penguin foldable that would help with the penguin research for you to try out.
Feedback would be greatly appreciated ;)
I am in the process of updating my Print and Go Penguin Bundle, so stay tuned for more info on that.

I have started a Penguin Padlet for my K-2 students that I will continue to work on. It is a work in progress and FREE to anyone.

You may also want to visit my Penguin Webpage. Originally, it was part of my Antarctic page, but the page got so big I began moving it. There have been some technical difficulties, so it is also in progress. That's the way it is with technology.

Have your found a really great penguin site? I'd love to hear from you.

Digging Deep to Soar Beyond the Text

Tuesday, December 31, 2019


Since I am a daily TpT window shopper, I often see teachers team up and put on fun sales.
To join the fun I have made the hashtag #2020DollarDeals. I have several products for just a dollar for December 31-January 2nd. 

To see my deals, just click on the picture. 

To join the fun, list your own products using the #2020DollarDeals hashtag.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

STEAM: New Job, New Challenges, New Excitement

Wow! I'm blessed with the opportunity to design a program to teach STEAM to TK-5 students and I love it!
Leaving the classroom, I thought I would have a lot more time to create and blog, but the opposite has been true. I'm in year 3 of my new adventure and am just figuring out what to do.

It takes a lot of energy to design a program for TK-5 students that goes with every grade level's Units of Study. It is a challenge that I embrace, but the drawback is that I have not been blogging about the cool things my students are doing. I hope to change that in the new year.

This next week I have 3 days before the holidays. 
In honor of my students and Christmas Vacation,
I'd like to have some fun with my TpT store.
I'm holding a

Holiday Hashtag Event

Just click on the picture or type in #HolidayHastag to see my discounted items. 
Now here's the real scoop. . . 

Join Me!

You are welcome to list some of your store items using the #HolidayHashtag. List as many things as you want. Have fun with it.   I know some teachers network and join together for fun little events like this. I'm small potatoes in the TpT world, and I don't have anyone to network with (at this time); so I'm inviting everyone. The more the merrier.

Shout Out

I'd like to end with a huge shout out to all the TeachersPayTeachers stores that I follow. 

I'm having a blast trying out new projects.
Merry Christmas,

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

It's Independence Day!

Hey everyone,

I'm celebrating Independence day with a Dollar Deal sale at my TpT store. Just search on TpT with the hashtag:  #TpTFireworks to see about 2000 dollar deals. You can also click on either picture to see my twenty-something products that have been set at a dollar in honor of this great day.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Remarkable $200 Amazon Back-to-School Gift Card Opportunity

I am so excited to announce that you have two chances to win a $200 Amazon gift card. Just join the rafflecopter below for your two chances to win.

Yes, it takes a few minutes to follow all the teachers on their TpT stores, but each click means another chance to win. Even though I help sponser rafflecopters, I still enter other rafflecopters, and I have actually won a few times. Winning is a blast, and it makes the new year even better than ever. 

Good luck! 

Prize: $200 Amazon Gift Card (2 Prizes!)

Rules: Use the Rafflecopter to enter.  Giveaway ends 8/11/18 and is open worldwide.  
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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Introducing Augmented Reality Into Your Classroom in Three Easy Steps

I'm so excited to introduce Augmented Reality into my classroom using the Quiver app.

My students had the best week using Quiver. Quiver would not load onto student Chromebooks, so we used old ipads. It was worth dealing with old technology, because students felt so empowered to see their projects turned into 3-D.

Three easy steps:
1. Download Quiver
2. Print the pages
3. Students color and point ipad, tablet, or phone at picture to see amazing 3d work.

We discovered that students could create a video tape of their projects at the end of the week. Next time students will spend time creating their own videos. The first one does not have sound., but a student recorded this after coloring the 7 continents.
Rule of thumb: wear glasses when trying out new tech.
What else does quiver have? An erupting volcano, fireworks, happy cows, plant & animal cells, and even a flag which are all free. There are also other options for a few. Check them out at

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Celebrating Summer with a $100 Teacher's Gift Card Giveaway

It's time for our summer giveaway.

Prize: $100 Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card

Giveaway Organized by: Kelly Malloy (An Apple for the Teacher)

Giveaway ends 6/13/18 and is open worldwide.

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