Sunday, August 6, 2017

Who Wants $75 to Spend at Teachers Pay Teachers?

I'd always have to say "Me!" That's why I have joined with some incredible teachers to make this giveaway possible for some lucky teacher. Join the fun and join the rafflecopter.

Prize: $75 Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card

Rules: Use the Rafflecopter to enter.  Giveaway ends 8/13/17 and is open worldwide.
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There is a giveaway every week, so enter them all to make sure you win! Remember to Scroll down, because there are more giveaways that you can enter.

Friday, August 4, 2017

How Do Teachers Celebrate Back-to-School?

It's Easy! We buy cool stuff for our class, and it is extra fun when we win gift cards. Here is one Gift Card Giveaway that you do not want to miss.

I have teamed up with some amazing teachers for this giveaway because we always need to purchase things at the beginning of the school year, and giveaways are just plain fun.

Rules: Use the Rafflecopter form to enter. Giveaway ends 8/11/17 and is open worldwide.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

TpT Delivers Dollar Deals for Classroom Set-Up

It's that time of year again when teachers return to the classroom to set up their class for the new year.
With New ideas and a summer full of planning teachers can get great deals from TpT on their Back-to-School Sale.

The sale runs August 1 & 2.  I discount every product 20% in my store and TpT will take off another 5% for a total of  25% savings on your favorite products. I usually go through my wish list and pick out what I want to purchase.

Don't forget to use the promo code: BTS2017

I have listed a few of my best sellers below that you might be interested in.
This is my students' all time favorite STEM activity. I do it on the first day of school and when they reflect at the end of the year, this is the one they name as their favorite memory.
Dr. Seuss: A Play about the Sneetches
There is such a great lesson in this play. My students add speaking lines where they see fit. 

This powerpoint makes learning about our government very easy. It is editable, so you can add your state and local information.

My students need help with constructing a quality answer, so I have created posters to help guide them in writing out complete answers using R.A.C.E

Task cards are provided for each student as well as a foldable for their interactive notebooks.

It's Time for a Giveaway

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What's your favorite subject to teach?

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Take-aways from TpT Conference

I just experienced my first Teachers Pay Teachers conference.  This year it was held in Anaheim, CA (next year it's Nashville-- and yes! I'm going).  It was an amazing adventure.  My goal in writing this post is to give you a newbie's perspective on the conference so you can decide it you would like to attend the conference in Nashville next summer.

When you first arrived, they had people ready to greet and wlecome you.  Many teachers, like myself, went to the conference by myself.  Without colleagues.  Even though we were "on our own" we were not alone, because no matter where you turned there was someone to talk to.  This welcoming and friendly atmosphere continued throughout the three-day conference. 
There was an Introduction networking session, even before the Opening Session which provided the opportunity to connect with other Teacher Sellers in your region of the US.  Don't worry, there was meeting spot for Canadians, Europeans, and Australians that mixed in with US residents.
Using the fun little mixture game, we all walked around and introduced ourselves.  It was a uniquie networking opportunity which inspired me as a teacher.  I met hundreds of passionately dedicated educators who love to create and work throughout their summer to provide a quality school experience for their students.  These teachers are building a business because they believe in American education and what we do as teachers each year in the classroom.

During the opening session we learned about Teachers Pay Teachers from the company perspective.
It was announed that TpT has 2.7 million resources and that there are 4 million active users downloading products from TpT.

I have 3 take-aways from this conference that I want to incorporate into my classroom and my store.

1. Posting Tips

  • Use a square picture
  • Eye catching picture
  • Descriptive Title
  • Snippet:  First 3 lines of the description (the snippet) should not be redundant with the title. Use these three lines to clearly describe your product.  Use key words.
  • Use social media to promote your products - Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram 
  • (videos are best)

2. QR Codes

I have been interested in using QR codes because I know they have a lot of value.  One of the sessions I attended was all about QR codes and how to use them in the classroom
The coolest thing about this session (besides the fantastic information) was that we were given a teacher center to learn how to use QR codes.

I'll be using this center later today to learn how to use QR codes in my classroom, and then I'll create my first QR lesson.

3. Video

Video is the new "Hot Option"  

Videos on Facebook get a higher rating and view rate than a picture.  So we need to create videos.  The two ways that I'm going to begin with are PowerPoint and PicMonkey.

 I lost my notes on PowerPoint, but luckily, I a very familiar with it, so I can still create from it.
 PicMonkey is new to me, but it seems to work very similar to PowerPoint.  It is a program that you have to purchase, and because I attended the conference I will get two months free to give it a try.

So who is ready to join me next year?  If you were at the conference, I would love to hear from you.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Christmas In July Dollar Days are Here!

I'm joining in with other teachers for the Christmas In July Dollar Days at Teachers Pay Teachers.
Many of us are getting ready for school, so dollar deals provides the perfect time to save.  I just found out about the Christmas In July deals this morning when I opened some email.  Well, I love a good deal so I joined a number of other shops with the Hashtag sale #ChristmasInJuly.  In addition, many of my store items will be 20% off July 27-30.  This is the time to stock up and save! Here are my dollar deals. Just click on the picture to go to the product.

Just Click on the Picture

Beach Themed Classroom Jobs: A Lesson in Leadership #ChristmasInJuly
I love helping students build leadership skills, and the classroom jobs does just that. Students hold on to a job for a month. They do get paid each week with classroom economy money that they collect and hold onto for buying a spot in monthly beach parties. They can also purchase classroom materials such like markers, pencils, crayons and the like.

#ChristmasInJuly  ~ STEM Project ~ Engineering Team Towers
This is such a fun STEM project that incorporates engineering and math. It lends itself to multiple attempts which helps build stamina.

This is a great way to ease into writing.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Three Easy Ways to Develop Focus and Meaning in Writing (Goal 4)

Welcome to our book study of The Writing Strateies Book: Your Everything Guide to Developing Skilled Writers by Jennifer Serravallo.  I'm joining forces with some fabulous teacher bloggers, hosted by An Apple for the Teacher, to discuss the writing strategies we come across in this AMAZING professional text!

Because this book isn't your typical professional development book filled with individual "Chapters" of narrative, each teacher blogger will be giving you a glimpse into the 10 goals that are preresented in the text.  Each goal area is filled with many valauable strategies that will help you to support and guide your students as they become better writers.

Keep in mind, we are only highlighting a FEW strategies in each section. There are over 300 strategie in the whole book.

You can find my previous Book Study posts below:
Introduction to 300 Writing Strategies

Goal 1:  Composing With Pictures

Goal 2:  Engagement

Goal 3:  Generating and Collecting Ideas

"Readers usually expect that a piece of writing is about something and that the author communicates a point." states Jennifer Serravallo.  Jennifer provides 25 strategies that teachers can use with students to help them focus their writing.  Here are three of them:
Write a Title
Write a title can be used in any genre or text type and it works well with 2nd to 8th graders.  It also helps students generate, collect, choose and develop their writing.  I choose this strategy because I sometimes have a difficult time with titles.  I usually wait until the end to decide what to title a piece. 

Teaching Tip:  The teaching tip recommends this strategy at the beginning of the writing to help students focus their writing.

Teaching Tip:  Murray (1985) shares qualities of good titles to help them think beyond the obvious.

  • Play with the title
  • Take out some words
  • Use thesaurus to find better words to use
  • Rearrange the words

Write About a Pebble
This strategy is also for 2ne-8th graders in any genre.  This strategy helps students generate and collect ideas as well as revising a piece of writing.

Lesson LanguageDon't write about your trip to the mountains, write about an activity that you did while you were in the mountains. Observe your surroundings and write with details that help the readers feel like they are there with you.

Mentor Text:  Find a mentor text to provide examples.  I am going to use The Adventures of Tom Sawyer  for a fiction source, and Up Close Pirates for non-fiction from Storia.

Ask Questions to Focus

Lesson Language:
If you are trying to cover too much about your topic, you can ask yourself questions to help you focus.
  • What are you really trying to say?
  • What is the most important thing about your topic?
  • What questions can you ask yourself to narrow your topic?
  • What are you going to work on to change, add, or revise your writing after you ask yourself questions?
Mentor Texts:
This is another good area to use mentor texts.  Choose a general topic, and note how the author breaks up his ideas into chapters or sections of the book.  Here is an example from Storia

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