Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The "Beach Themed" Classroom

Because I love to collect sand and look at it under a microscope, I decided that I needed to have a "beach" theme in my classroom. This summer I have been busily working at name tags, classroom jobs, background paper and writing. Here are a few of my newest products which can be found at My TpT store.

Included in this product is an application that students will fill out - which will give them extra practice in writing.

I love my Oceans of Good Reading that will help me promote reading through the program Accelerated Reading. I meet with students each month to help them set goals and evaluate how they did the previous month. My next step is to redo my reading goals booklet and jazz it up with this Oceans Theme.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Boys From Brazil

When I say "The Boys from Brazil," I am referring to 10 samples of beautiful sand I received from Brazilian Currator, Paulo Matioli. He traded sand with me. The sand, along with the World Cup being held in Brazil inspired a new lesson on Brazil and the sand from this interesting country. Here are some pictures.

You might also want to see how I set up my sand so here is the link.
I am very excited about beginning the year with my study of Brazil. I have developed a Close Reading article for my students that you might be interested in.

I would like to provide my first blog give-away. Since we are learning how to do Close Reading on my school campus, I created a "cheat-sheet" for myself and my students.  

This also comes in bookmark format when you download the product.