Monday, December 22, 2014

Around the World

I want my students to learn about the the world around them. My sand collection promotes the learning because the sand is so beautiful that kids (and the teacher) yearn to know more about where it came from. I begin the year with student passports and suitcases, which of course is on my school computer, so I will have to share that on another day.

I have a section on my webpage devoted to continents and countries around the world, so students can research and learn more about each location at 

Click here to see my webpage

Another really great site that I have discovered is Phillip Martin's website where he displays his murals. Now the really cool part is that he adds a really great Kid Section for each country that he paints a mural, so the students can learn about the culture and customs of the country. You really need to check these out.

Mural Man

If you end up loving his art work and want to use it for your classroom, you will be able to. Phillip Martin also sells some of his art work on "Teachers Pay Teachers" if you want to create something to sell on TpT. To See his store on TpT, just Click Here

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