Sunday, December 21, 2014

Really Good Christmas Deals ~ Freebies

I just love looking on Pinterest to find some really good deals, so I thought I would share some of the ones I really like.

Clip Art: One of my goals is to learn how to make my own clip art,  but I just have not had the time, so here are some Clip Art artisits that you might want to check out:

Creative Clips:

FREE Creative Clips Fan Sticker {Creative Clips Digital Clipart}

I am going to have to post several options, because this artist has so many creative freebies, that you simply must check out!

 Unwrap your FREEBIE Number 7 {Creative Clips Digital Clipart}
Unwrap #7

Operation E.L.F Freebie #1 {Creative Clips Digital Clipart}

FREEBIE! My Favorite Things #1 {Creative Clips Digital Clipart}


One of my favorite ideas that Krista does is keep her followers guessing and she has lots of surprises for them. Here is one that many many people have purchased, including myself.

Christmas Morning Surprise: Limited Edition Set {Creative
 Pretty cool idea- eh? If you are interested, this item can be purchased at Christmas Morning Surprise!


Premium Christmas Characters Clip Art & Digital Papers Set

I am trying out a new Clip art artist & thought you might want to as well.


Educlips is another artist on my "Favorites" list. I have purchased quite a things from this TpT store.

FREE Christmas Gifts Clip Art Bundle

Educlips has many top-not clip art packages for purchase. Since I am highlighting a freebie, I thought I would highlight one of my "wish-list" items.

Christmas Clip Art Mega Bundle

Well, I am off to do some more web surfing for great holiday finds. I will post anything I find on my Pinterest Board at:

Borders, Clip Art, Fonts & More

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