Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sand Artist: Heidi McGrew

In my quest for learning about, and collecting sand; I have met some very knowledgeable people. I met Heidi at a sand convention. Heidi is an artist who uses sand in a very unique way.

On Heidi's website, you can find information on the kinds of sand she uses, and the process. At the conference, Heidi not only demonstrated how to do sand painting, but she walked us through the process which allowed all in attendance to learn how to create this artwork. It gave us all a real appreciation for the work that goes into one of these projects while getting to work with very beautiful sand.

Heidi finds her sand by going out and looking for it. She also has a network of people she trades sand with, as well as accepting sand from people who want her to use sand from places that are special to them. Before using the sand, Heidi cleans and dries it.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces of her work.

These little gift tags/ornaments are just too cute to pass up. Click HERE to see more.

Scince Christmas is my favorite time of year and it is around the corner, I had to share this larger version of Christmas. Click here to see more.

I think her Great Wall of China is amazing!

I couldn't pass up the Summer at the Lavendar Farm as I believe she uses Pfeiffer Beach sand, which I collected and traded for some very special sands.

I couldn't resist the cosmos. Click HERE for details.

If you would like to purchase some of Heidi's art, visit her on Etsy: Natural Earth Craft Etsy Shop  
Heidi also shared a really cool sand website that I had not visited before. More on that later.

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