Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sand Calendar

The 2015 Sand Calendar is here, and it looks fantastic! The amazing thing about the calendar, is that the people who put it together do research on each sand sample and where it comes from. The calendar reads like a good book. Looking at the sand, will definitely make you want to visit these locations. My husband and I donated the sand from Brazil which is located on the August page of the calendar. As we are friends with the people who created the calendars, my husband sells them on ebay at

Click HERE for Sand Calendar.

The cover is Balok Beach, Kuantan, Pahand Malaysia
The calendar explain what many of the items in the picture are.

This sand sample came from a Tributary to Rock Creek, Rock Creek, Oregon. 
These clear, orange, and red grains
of sand are predominately agate and jasper.

Tripoli, Libya

After students make a slide with sand and label it, they look at it under a microscope. 
(More on that in a minute.)
They also locate where the sand came from on a map, and they organize their sand samples based on the continent it came from as well the the color of the sand.

If you like the maps, you must check out 

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Back to the Calendar Sand:

This beautiful sample of sand came from a mine near La Sal, Utah. 
The color alone makes me want to travel there. 
I don't have this sand yet, but I will. 
This colorful sand comes from blue azurite and green malachite, and both are copper-bearing minerals. 
To find out more information about this sand, you will have to purchase the calendar, or go and visit this area. If you visit the area, scoop up a cup for me!!!

What a dazzling sample of sand! It came from Shark's Tooth Ridge, New Mexico.
This is now another "Must See" location for me.

This Brazilian sand came from my husband and I. We haven't been to Brazil yet, but it is another
location that is on our "To Do" list. This sand came from Caroco Beach, Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
We traded sand with a Brazilian Sand Collector who sent us several beautiful sands from his country. 
In fact, his sand inspired my 

Close Reading: Brazil 

which was featured a few months ago when I first started my blog.

What do I do with my sand? How do I use it in the classroom?
These questions will be answered in my next blog posting.
Stay tuned!

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