Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bits & Pieces for Chinese New Year

Last year I wanted to buy some kid-friendly chopsticks for my students to go with the rice we make in class. I found kid-friendly chopsticks, but at 5 dollars a set, it was more than my budget would allow.

I guess many teachers have been looking for a solution, because there are some really good prices this year.

You can find this 10-pak on Amazon Prime for $21.50

I was even more excited when I found these cute cheater- chopsticks on Oriental Trading at $4.99 per dozen. Now we are getting closer to my price range.

In getting ready to write this blog, I noticed some You-tube videos that will allow the students to make their own, so now I have a huge decision to make. Buy the Oriental Trading Sticks or show the video and have the students make their own. Right now I am leaning toward "Making Your Own". What a fun choice!

Here are two video clips I may show so my students can independently 
make their own "cheater Chop-sticks".

and an even easier method

How to Use Chopsticks

Using chopsticks in the first place can be tricky, but there are You-Tube videos out there to help us. I particularly like the two videos below. I think each one had a valid point that would help my students, so you might want to give them a try.

How to use Chopsticks: 

These two videos would be great to show while eating rice, so the students can start out with the "cheater chop-sticks" and then those who want to, can try without the "cheater."

For the next post, I plan to share my Chinese Rice Recipe!

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