Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

I just finished off the year working on my webpage "Around the World" which students use for researching countries. Last year I started the page, and I just had to add to it. It is beginning to look the way I want it to look and is ready for student use.

Of course with this extra vacation time, I put together a "Slides" presentation to help my 5th graders do their research. I'd like to share this presentation as a:

  New Years Freebie [this product will be free for the first week in January, and will go on sale in my TpT store when I return to school.]

I actually begin with my Webpage at My Web Page  which has many many resources of countries all over the world. My resources on this webpage are geared to children 3rd-8th grade.

I have every country I can possibly think of and have spent hundreds of hours searching for just the right information that my students can use. Some years I assign countries and other years I let students pick their own countries. I think I am going to pair up students this year, so an independent researcher can help me assist those students who need a bit more support.

Once students have their countries, I will use my Freebie to guide the students throught the process of researching a country. This is what it looks like:

Title Page

This can be put on the big screen when talking about the assignment, printed and run off for each student, and posted by the computers if you are doing it as a center.

Each page is set up to show students how to use my webpage, and how to actually take notes. I plan on using a "chart paper" of my research form to take notes. I am also using the country of Palau as an example of how to go about studying a country.

This is a two-sided document that I have provided in color and black & white. The headings can be changed to fit your needs. I tried to use universal headings, but each country is unique so my students will need to adjust as they go, and with my study of Palau, the students can see how to make those adjustments. 

You will also notice that I used different colors of pen with each source. That is something I started doing when I was in junior high. It works for me, so I continue to use it to this day.

Here is my example of the project almost finished, but the sources did not cover all the topics (which will happen to the kids). The next slide walks the students through how to find new information, when the origional information is missing.

I want the students to realize that they can perform their own searches, but I don't want them to have to deal with the entire web, so I use this slide to walk them through the process.

At this point the research is complete. I want students to choose a way to demonstrate what they have learned. Some years I make the assignment, and some years I let them choose. It just depends on what they still need to accomplish. 

Good luck with your research endeavers. If you find some new great sites, please let me know so I can add them to my webpage. 

Happy New Years!!

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