Saturday, January 17, 2015

Near Earth Asteroids

Heads Up!

Did you know an asteroid is passing close to Earth on January 26?

It won't hit Earth, but it will get close enough to be observed by NASA's Deep Space antenna at Goldstone, California.

At this time astronomers believe the asteroid is about 1/3 mile in diameter, but they don't much more about this asteroid. It will be the closest asteroid of this size to fly by Earth until 2027 when asteoid 1999 AN10 flys by Earth.

To see a really cool animation of this, visit JPL ~ Link to Asteroid 2004 BL86.

For more information on my FREE Near Earth Asteroids PowerPoint Science & Writing Lesson

This lesson explains the type of asteroids and where they are orbiting in relation to Earth and the Asteroid Belt.
Comparing the orbits.

The featured asteroid is 25143 Itokawa, which was visited by Jaxa (the Japanese). They have graciously given me permission to share these spectacular graphics with you.

One of our newest Near Earth Asteroids ~ 

The next passing of a Near Earth Asteroid will happen in just a few days
Yes! The one this blog post started with. It has already been added to the PowerPoint,

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