Saturday, January 31, 2015

Tech Thursday ~[on Saturday]

I'm linking up with Teaching Trio to show how I using technology with my students. I actually did this on Thursday, but am now just writing about it. Having parent conferences all week I had to set aside the fun stuff ~ like blogging. You really need to check this out, because people are beginning to link up with some really great ways to use technolgy in the classroom.

There are so many wonderful sites for students to use, that I began collecting them and putting them all in one place with Protopage.

I think of Protopage as file folders. I have a home-page folder along with35 other folders that  my students use throughout the day. The FREE version of Protopage allows you to build your site to fit the needs of your students. Amazon must be sponsering it, because that is the only add.

Another Great Idea!

Funky in Fourth

Funky in Fourth has shared how to use tellagami, which looks really cool. 

I plan on using this in my ELD class. I think they need to share their poems this way instead of doing them out loud. I think they would practice more, as well as learn how to use technology ~ but in a very fun and creative way. Yep! This is on my "MUST DO" list.

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