Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Teachers Are Heroes: TpT Sale

Special thanks to Literacy Without Worksheets for this amazing button!

Teachers Pay Teacher is having a special sale with up to 28% off. This is your chance to purchase products at a huge discount. 

Listed below are some of my personal favorites.

Dr. Seuss: A Play about the Sneetches  Theme: Teaching Students to Use Evidence From the Text  Close Reading: Brazil  
 Sneetches Play        Theme          Close Reading       

Close Reading: Pitcairn Island  Close Reading: Pfeiffer Beach  Country Research ~ The Step by Step Process

Mission to the Moon   Neptune: Note-taking & Research
Moon Mission               Neptune

Pluto: Note-taking & Research   Saturn: Note-taking & Research Project
Pluto                        Saturn

The Kuiper Belt Research Project   Ceres & the Asteroid Belt
Kuiper Belt                Ceres

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