Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine Heart Project

This is one of my favorite valentines projects because it turns out looking really beautiful  for most students. Even though I use pink tissue, it is not just for girls. 
My best hearts are usually produced for boys ~ because they are making it for their moms. The girls are usually making it for themselves, so they are not as careful.

There are only two materials: Tissue paper, and a wire coat hanger for each student. 
I used to get my closed dry cleaned all the time, so hangers were never a problem for me. Lately however, I have had to purchase mine. I usually purchase them at Walmart. If you plan ahead, you can send home a note and someone will probably have a closet full of them. 

It does take a little time to cut the tissue paper,  but it is well worth it. I usually cut mine as a 
2x6 rectangle, but I have been known to cut them 2x5.5. It really depends on the size of 
tissue paper that I find.

The Directions are quite simple. If students know how to use a twisty-tie like they have for bread or vegetables in the produce section then this will be an easy project for them.

Fold the tissue paper over the wire evenly.

You want to twist twice right next to the wire. Tell your students to 
be careful so they 
do not crush the tissue paper.

After you do 10-15 tissues you will want to carefully push them
close together at the wire so they will be fluffy.

This truly is a fun project. 

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