Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine Heart Wreath Project: Powerpoint

I have done this project many times over the last 30 years, and now I have finally created a PowerPoint to give the directions to my class.

This goes along with the post I sent out early this morning ~ well, not too early. It was a holiday for me. We celebrated President Lincoln's birthday today, so I am home in my sweats, and drinking a mocha.

Not only have I included directions, but I have divided up the directions into 3 parts:

1. Teacher Directions

2. Student Directions

As you can tell, it is just plain good fun!

What a perfect time to promote writing!

My writing assignment directs the students to write a special valentine to their parents thanking them for loving them and taking care of them. I have also included writing paper, foldables, and gift tags. Hopefully that will meet every teachers needs in both color and black and white.
Writing Paper ~ There are two versions

This is a half-page foldable with lines on the inside. Normally foldables are a bit smaller, but I wanted to make sure there was enough room on the inside for students to adequately share their feelings with their parents.

This is the inside of the foldable. I have the black & white version included for those who do not print in colored ink. Students may color that version and it will look very nice with the wreath.

Here is a smaller (black and white only) foldable
There are lines on the inside for writing a smaller note.

Finally, I added gift tags incase there is not time for writing, but you would like a nice little something with each student's name. This one comes in both color and Black & white.

I now use this special Valentine craftivity as a beach party, or reward, that students can purchase using using classroom "sand dollars". To find out more about the beach parties, click here.

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