Friday, March 6, 2015

Dr. Ben Carson

I used to have an article from the Reader's Digest about Dr. Ben Carson that I read to my class every year. This article was such an inspiring story of his life and how he went from a failing student to become a doctor and the head of  the neonatal section of  the hospital who travels around the world teaching other doctors how to perform critical surgeries. This story was told in first person point of view by Dr. Carson as a boy growing up in poverty and how his mother turned off the TV when he was in 5th grade because of his failing grades. Mom took Ben and his brother Curtis to the public library and required them to read and turn in two book reports a week. From failing student to successful doctor~ any one of our students could do this...

During the school year other teachers have borrowed the article and eventually it was lost. This has been a huge disappointment until I found some video clips on You Tube. I haven't found the exact one to totally replace the article, but here are a couple you might be interested in sharing with your students.

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