Sunday, March 15, 2015

Leprechaun Cucumber Hats: A Healthy Snack You Will Love on St. Patrick's Day

Here is a really fun and unique snack for your students. This nutritious snack is a sure winner among my students because it is cute as well as delicious!

Leprechaun Hat Snack (Free for 24 hours)

Starting with the table of contents, you can easily find the information to create these 
"top-hat delights." My students made these for the first time last year, and they did not come out looking as perfect as I wanted them to, so I have created this powerpoint to give them clearer directions.

When you read the directions, does it sound clear enough?
I always want to add nutrition information because I want the students to be aware of what they put it their bodies, so they can have a healthy life-style. With all the "super-size" commercials and fast food at our fingertips, we need to be smart about our snacks.

I have a whole web-page devoted to nutrition that I have searched out for elementary students. There are some great ideas on it, so you might want to check out this website. The links are in the product, but I want to make sure you can easily get them so

The cucumber information is part of the way down on the page and looks like this:
On the left ~ at the top, you will find more "Harvest of the Month" resources. These are top quality resources that you will want to check out.
The "What's Growing On" are on-line newspapers. The videos are top-note and include a 5-10 minute video on cucumbers. Once you click on videos you will be taken to the Los Angeles Unified School District website where they have developed the videos and are graciously sharing with other schools who are part of the Harvest of the Month program. 

I can't leave out writing because our students really need the practice. Besides including a full page decorated writing page, I have included a foldable to use however you want to use it. Foldables are among my favorite way to record what the students are learning. I think they are cleaver and am always on the "look-out" for great ideas.

You can't have a great snack without writing down the recipe. This is the front, and the back is where you write the directions.

Oh! before I forget, I just found another FREE foldable that is quite clever. This includes an easy rubric which can be used with just about any foldable.
FREE English Language Arts Reading Connections Interactive

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