Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Movie Clip ~ Investigates Microscopic Sand

I'm joining up with Techie Turtle Teacher's Movie Clip Monday. It's Spring Break and I'm wishing I  were at the beach, so I'm introducing a You Tube video that tells students what to notice when they view sand under a microscope. This 5 minute video shows the difference between beach sand and desert sand. If you are teaching erosian, the rock cycle, or any type of Earth Science, this sand video can be used.

Sand Under the Microscope
This five minute clip will allow students to see how beautiful sand looks under a microscope.

Most classrooms are not lucky enough to have such a great microscope. I have a class set of 30 power microscopes that cost about $6 each. they can be purchased at Delta Science, and are featured in my FREE Sand Science PowerPoint on Teachers Pay Teachers

If you have never looked at sand under a microscope, I would encourage to try it. It is beautiful!
I am a sand collector, so I have some earlier posts on sand. They are listed below incase you would like to investigate more:

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On this page I have two sand products featured. If you are interested in this sand, but are too far away to go there, you can purchase a small 3oz. bag for your class on eBay, which will last your class years.
This is a sample of the sand under my microscope. It is beautiful!

You will need to check-out her amazing work.

I would love to hear how you use sand in the classroom, so please leave me a note.

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