Friday, March 20, 2015

Your Favorite Cookie Goes to School!

It's about time for opinion writing, and so I began to look around to see what is already out there. I have used the OREO method before, and of course love it! Still, I thought I should take another look to see if there is something that would make my lessons better. This is what I have discovered:

This fabulous FREEBIE can be found at: Teaching With Crayons and Curls: {OREO} Opinion Writing!: Last week we started our Opinion Writing unit and our class focused on {fabulous} facts and {outstanding} opinions! This week, we moved r...

As I continued my search I discovered a couple of video clips:

From Read, Write, Think, I discovered a a very cool persuasion map that my students can use:

I don't want to loose track of these things, so I have posted them on my My Webpage.

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