Thursday, March 12, 2015

Planning the "Pi Day" of the Century

I really wanted to do my first Pi Day last year, but didn't pull it off, so I was bound and determined to do it this year, only to discover that this would have been the Pi Day of the Century because the date will be 3.14.15 ~ but it is on Saturday. Still, I plan on doing something on Friday at 1:59

I've been online reading about Pi day and would love to try out a few ideas. Here are some of the sources I have discovered.

Infographic: Pi in the Sky 2
NASA also has a Pi Day challenge for teachers and students.

The Exploratorium has a page devoted to Pi Day

There are a ton of videos out there, but these are the four I plan on showing through-out the day on Friday.

Pi Day Explained in 3.14 Minutes

The Pi Episode

Domino Spiral

Pi Song

Pi Day FREEBIE: Graphing and a Game
Meredith Anderson offers a free graphing idea with the numbers of Pi at TpT that you might want to check out.

Pi Day Flip Flap Book
I have purchased Danielle Knight's Flip Flap Book because I think her work is excellent. She has integrated math and writing with a crafty idea. 

What are you going to do for Pi day? Since this will be my first Pi Day, I would love to know what works in your classroom.

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