Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Earth Day: Opportunity Provides Authentic Practice in Caring for Your Community

Have your ever noticed how much trash ends up on the ground outside your classroom? If you have been teaching for awhile, you probably noticed that the daily litter has increased over the years. Since I am on my 30th year, I have noticed a huge change in how students have showed a lack of concern for their immediate environment. I have also noticed that the number of students using inhalers has increased. When I put those two observations together, I realize that students need training in how to take care of their environment.

Earth Day is the perfect venue for attacking this trashy pollution problem. In January, I begin raising trout in my classroom and we go on a special field trip to release the fish in March. I use April's Earth Day to reinforce the idea of "Keeping our environment Healthy" by revisiting our trout unit. (Actually, I still haven't finished it yet. We need to finish our fish poems. You can see what I am talking about on an earlier blog post.)

I found this interactive poster on Glogster.com

Along the lines of Streams and Rivers, I have an addition to my "Trout in the Classroom" unit.

While studying trout, we make the connection from their environment to ours. If any pollution gets into their streams, they die off quick. We talk about our air, water, and surroundings. We walk around the school and I point out the trash. We go out on several occasions and pick up the trash. I also have students sign up to pick up trash after the school carnival, so they can be part of the process of cleaning up their environment. My hope is that they learn to take care of the Earth.
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How to Write Fish Poems

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