Friday, April 3, 2015

Spotlight on Trout: A sensational Fieldtrip for Students to Experience

Last week my class went up in the hills and released trout into the Tule River. It was an amazing experience for them. 

We participated in the "Trout in the Classroom" program, which is run through the United States. I found out about it through the county's Office of Education, but the program is actually a little differently, depending on the state you are in. You might want to start with the Trout in the Classroom site, or google "Trout in the Classroom" with your state name. The program is free, and it is a wonderful experience for your students.

The think I like best about it, is that students see first hand how important a healthy habitat is to the trout which opens the door for conversations on taking care of our environment.

For the next 24 hours
I have my 4-page Trout Web-Quest listed as a FREEBIE, so get it now!

I have an Internal Anatomy page as well. The fish is pictured so students can draw in the parts.
A answer sheet is included for each page of the web-quest.

I feel research is an important skill for all students, so I created a chart for students to record some of the species listed on the web-site. Depending on time and what other writing they are doing, I may have my students choose one of the species to study in more detail, or I may have them write a short essay based on this chart, which means I will be adding to this project.

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