Sunday, May 24, 2015

Digging Deep: Delicious Dollar Deals!

I'm joining with the Indiana Bloggers to offer Dollar Deals in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.  have discounted many good sellers, so visit my store and take a look. Here are a few deals you might want to get in on. When you see something interesting, just click on the picture:

Trout Foldable: A Research Writing Project

Trout Web-Quest
My students had a great time learning about trout, their environment and how to take care of our environment this year. By visiting an earlier link, you can find out how to get trout in your classroom, which is a free service from the Fish & Game Department in your state.

Close Reading: Pitcairn Island
I love learning about different places. My students do a close read and then look at sand from those places. This summer I'll be adding to this list, so students can read about some of their favorite sands.
Close Reading: Pfeiffer Beach
Pfeiffer Beach is my favorite beach. This little beach actually has purple sand. If you live in California or ever visit California, this is a "must see to believe" beach. The purple sand is beautiful to look at, and then it looks pink under the microscope. 
Background Pages ~ Pfeiffer Beach
These backgrounds were created from pictures we took when we had the sand under the microscope. They are the real deal. 

Welcome Students: To the World of 5th Grade
Here is my "First Day" Powerpoint that I use in my classroom to establish the rules.

Back-To-School Night ~ Parent Presentation
Here is my Parent PowerPoint that I use at "Back to School" night.

Beach Themed Products

Beach Themed Classroom Jobs: A Lesson in Leadership
This year I began to use a "Beach Theme" in my classroom. I started with my classroom leadership. I'm actually quite proud of how far I came with the beach theme in one year. I looked around on TpT, but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for, so I have begun to create my own. This is one of my favorites! Take a look.
Beach Themed Classroom: Borders, Paper, Labels, Scoot & Ta

Classroom Library Rules ~ Beach Themed

Oceans of Good Reading
This one is another favorite. It sits in the front of the room and is tied to their AR points. We use clips to show where the students are in their progress.

October Products

Creating Family Shields  
This goes so well with my explorers unit. I combine Social Studies with writing, and it gives me a chance to really get to know my students. You can do a small 8.5 x 11 shield or purchase large ones from Oriental Trading ahead of time.
Columbus Day Hats
We make these each year with our 3rd graders when studying about Columbus. Then everytime they go on a trip they where them. It is a bit of an investment because we get them from Oriental Trading, but they look so cute!
Columbus: The Voyage ~ Play

Pumpkin Patch Fun Facts ~ Foldable
Many years we have a pumpkin patch at our school. We post nutrition facts by the pumpkins, so the students are learning and recording information as they pick their pumpkins.
Backgrounds ~ Fall
Check out these original fall backgrounds!

More Products:

Using the Table of Contents


Tornado In A Jar ~ STEM

Crater Experiment ~ STEM

Space Backgrounds

Background Pages ~ Venus  Background Pages ~ Mars
Background Pages ~ Earth  Background Pages ~ Mercury & Craters

More Backgrounds

Background Pages ~ Tigers  Backgrounds & Frames ~ Horse & Western
Researching Lions

More Great Stuff!

A Very Important Person ~ Narrative Writing

Scavenger Hunt ~ Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions

Equivalent Fractions with a Beach Theme

Foldable Book ~ Brazil

Background Pages ~ Graduation

I trust you have found some interesting items and have begun clicking on them. Enjoy finding some great savings. If you have some great deals that I can get in on, leave me a note so I can check them out.

If you are finished checking out my great deals, you might want to hop over to Math, Science, & Social Studies... Oh My to see the many teachers who have linked up for the weekend to provide fantastic savings.

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