Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mother's Day Fruit Bouquet

One of my all time favorite projects is the "Mother's Day Fruit Bouquet." This project, or craftivity, is a winner on many levels.

1. Creativity of the Students: The projects come out different every year!

2. Collaborative and sharing environment is at its best with this project. We work hard each year trying to foster an environment where students can feel safe and work together while they support each other. With this project, I spend time in preparation, but then I just walk around the room and take pictures as the students work together on their individual projects. This is classroom collaboration at its finest.

3. STEAM: Students become true architects as they design these fruit bouquets. They seldom turn out like any picture you may show them. They have their own ideas about how it should look, but they keep their eyes open to the others in the room, just in case someone else has a great idea to share. It is so fun to see the student who usually is shy and uncomfortable become the leader as this part of the project relies on creativity rather than facts and figures, or even words, sentences, and paragraphs. It always surprises me because the stars of this project are not the usual classroom stars.

4. Nutrition Education is a tough one to fit in, yet it is embedded into the project and students talk about it as they take little tastes along the way.

5. There is almost a party atmosphere to this project, yet there are not cupcakes, chips, or sugary drinks. The students have great fun while they create and even taste. When they are finished, they go home with an amazing project that did not add any empty calories. This is a win-win craftivity.

6. The project just does not feel complete unless there is a card attached to the bouquet, so I have included some hearts as tags as well as foldables. Here are the foldables. They come as color and black & white to meet any printing set-ups you may have.

7. Here is another opportunity to sneak in some writing. Students get communicate their thoughts about their parents, but the focus is not on writing, but they are infact, writing.

I am convinced that this is one of the best Mother's Day projects for students.

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