Friday, June 26, 2015

Collaboration, Teamwork, Juicy Gummy Worms, Plus Science = STEM

What do you get when students collaborate to "Save Fred"? A Great STEM project that students will just "eat" up. Yes, one highlight is that this STEM experiment uses gummy worms and gummy life savers.

Last year I discovered Fred, the gummy worm, on Pinterest. I loved the idea of saving Fred, so I made a powerpoint to guide students in working together as a team to rescue the little guy. 

I loved the project, and so did my students. 

I am also really into Interactive Notebooks and thought Fred needed his own page, so I have spent some of my summer creating a special booklet so my students can really dig into learning about Fred. 
Of course I think Fred is adorable, and my students think he is delicious!

Fred brings us to Research. Since it is the first project of the year, I get to see what my students know and what they still need to know in the research and writing department.

In the PowerPoint I have included a link to my website which has a page dedicated to Fred.

This webpage has just been started, but it should be looking real good by the time school begins in August.
to visit my website.

I think I need to finish with a couple of "Fred" pictures that highlighted the students collaboration and communication efforts.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Katies Trunk: Revolutionary War Book Clubs ~ Reposting Wild About Fifth Grade


I saw the title of Katie's Trunk and knew I had to read about it, because I am fascinated with the Revolutionary War period of American History. Melissa, from Wild about fifth grade, has done an amazing job with this unit of study. I think Melissa's blog post below is something that every 5th grade teacher needs to read and try. So click below to get some of the best information on how to teach the revolutionary war to your students.

Wild about fifth grade: Revolutionary War Book Clubs: In Michigan our fifth graders study American History from the first Native Americans up through the Constitution. Even though I do not teach...

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Pluto's First Color Movie

Have you been waiting to see Pluto? Do you remember when you first read about the planets? Although I don't remember what grade I was in, I remember reading a book that had a page on each planet until you got to Uranus. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were all group on one page. Uranus and Neptune had a picture of a blue dot, and Pluto didn't even get a drawing. Since that day I have always wanted to see Pluto. I didn't think it should be left out.

As spacecrafts visited Jupiter, and then Saturn,  I devoured books and pictures on the two worlds. I tuned into television and magazines for Urnaus, and even drove down to the Neptune celebrations in Pasadena when Voyager II flew by Triton.

NASA has several websites that can be visited for each of the current missions. Since January 2006, I have been tuned into the New Horizons website to get the latest and greatest information on Pluto. Now we get first looks as Pluto and Charon orbit each other.

Notice the X near Pluto. This video clip shows the barycenter of Pluto and Charon. The X marks the spot of the shared center of gravity between the two little worlds. Since Pluto is more massive than Charon, the center of gravity is very close to Pluto as they revole around that spot.

Also notice the coloring. Pluto is orange-beige and Charon is gray. Scientists hope to find out why they are so different.

The New Horizons spacecraft will flyby the Pluto next month on July 14th. I just cannot wait!

For more information, visit the New Horizons website

If you want a PowerPoint for your classroom, see my TpT store or click on any of the pictures below.
Pluto: Note-taking & Research
for my Pluto PowerPoint which is updated everytime I get new information.
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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Celebrating with the Classroom Game Nook!

The Classroom Game Nook: Let the Celebration Begin!: This is pretty exciting stuff!  I have made it to 5,000 TpT followers (to be more accurate, as I write this, it's 5,005!)   That means...

Congratulations to Rachel for reaching 5,000 TpT followers. As a person with just under 100 followers, I'm very impressed. Although I don't actually know Rachel, I am dedicated follower because she produces amazing products. So go celebrate with Rachel by visiting her blog and TpT store and Let the Celebration Begin!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Digging Deep For Delicious Deals: Free "Read" Sign

Beach Themed "READ" Sign ~ FREE
One of my number one goals each year is to get kids reading. I use Accelerated Reader in my classroom, and we have school-wide competitions. I just created a free "READ" sign to go with my

I used my "oceans" clip chart to keep track of AR points. Besides looking great in the class, the students really followed the progress. Each month they had goals, and would earn awards with the librarian, while earning classroom money. I did revamp the points for this next year to better meet the needs of all the students, so I'm really looking forward to how this will help the students.

My next post will be about the updated Monthly Reading Goals

Below is a list of many of my "Beach Themed" products.

My Monthly Reading Goals ~ Beach Themed.

Classroom Library Rules ~ Beach Themed

Beach Themed Classroom Jobs: A Lesson in Leadership

Background Pages ~ Pfeiffer Beach

Close Reading: Pitcairn Island

Columbus: The Voyage ~ Play
Columbus Day Hats

Barge Building ~STEM

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Seeing Spots on Ceres

The Dawn Spacecraft is sending special pictures of Ceres. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory has put together a video clip for students to watch.

Another fun site to visit What's the Spot of World Ceres will allow your students to cast their vote on the bright spots. This site could allow for some great scientifc conversations.

As new information comes out about Ceres, I keep updating my PowerPoint on Ceres at my TpT store, just incase you do not want to create your own. Just click on the picture to take you to this page.

Or you can check out my other asteroid products:

Here is a FREEBIE on Near Earth Asteroids

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Math Centers ~ Freebie

Rachel Parlett has updated her FREE Math Centers for the beginning of the year, and is sharing them with us.

Here is a quick look!

Visit her blog for all of the details and the FREEBIE at: