Friday, June 26, 2015

Collaboration, Teamwork, Juicy Gummy Worms, Plus Science = STEM

What do you get when students collaborate to "Save Fred"? A Great STEM project that students will just "eat" up. Yes, one highlight is that this STEM experiment uses gummy worms and gummy life savers.

Last year I discovered Fred, the gummy worm, on Pinterest. I loved the idea of saving Fred, so I made a powerpoint to guide students in working together as a team to rescue the little guy. 

I loved the project, and so did my students. 

I am also really into Interactive Notebooks and thought Fred needed his own page, so I have spent some of my summer creating a special booklet so my students can really dig into learning about Fred. 
Of course I think Fred is adorable, and my students think he is delicious!

Fred brings us to Research. Since it is the first project of the year, I get to see what my students know and what they still need to know in the research and writing department.

In the PowerPoint I have included a link to my website which has a page dedicated to Fred.

This webpage has just been started, but it should be looking real good by the time school begins in August.
to visit my website.

I think I need to finish with a couple of "Fred" pictures that highlighted the students collaboration and communication efforts.

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