Monday, June 15, 2015

Digging Deep For Delicious Deals: Free "Read" Sign

Beach Themed "READ" Sign ~ FREE
One of my number one goals each year is to get kids reading. I use Accelerated Reader in my classroom, and we have school-wide competitions. I just created a free "READ" sign to go with my

I used my "oceans" clip chart to keep track of AR points. Besides looking great in the class, the students really followed the progress. Each month they had goals, and would earn awards with the librarian, while earning classroom money. I did revamp the points for this next year to better meet the needs of all the students, so I'm really looking forward to how this will help the students.

My next post will be about the updated Monthly Reading Goals

Below is a list of many of my "Beach Themed" products.

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Columbus: The Voyage ~ Play
Columbus Day Hats

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