Thursday, July 23, 2015

Classy Classrom Library Check-out System

After teaching for 30+ years, I figure I must have purchased over 2000 years. I used to keep track of every book I purchased. When I hit 1000, and cleaned out the library, I noticed that many were missing. Each year I buy many books; however, I also loose about 15-25 books. 

A special thanks to Krista Walden from Creative Clipart for her beautiful clips.

I have always had a checkout system that I learned from my master teacher over 30 years ago. It has worked well, but now I have found a new one to try.
Last year, I discovered I Love Labels who revealed her classroom library. I have always put a pocket and checkout card in every book that students would put in their library pocket.  "I Love Labels" has simplified the process by giving each student a pocket, but rather than putting the checkout card in each book, she puts one in each student's pocket. 
Of course the pockets are done up so cute. I have always put the students' names on the pockets, but I love the idea of putting numbers. I always assign numbers to my students, so this is a no-brainer.
Here is a closer look

Here is the cards I use: Grab this FREEBIE

I also have the PowerPoint that I use when teaching the Classroom Library Rules for sale in my TpT Store.


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