Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Classy & Creative Classrooms

Ever wonder how some teachers have the cutest rooms? I'm always on the lookout for a creative look. Wow! Look what I found at The School Supply Addict
notice the bird nest theme. The School Supply Addict has a take a peek to every one of 87 classrooms featured at this site. For each classroom, there are multiple views shown which feature all the "cute stuff" we like. Here are a few examples to the bird nest class.

From the front door to each wall/bulletin board...

to cubbies ...

to daily work ...

to table names...

... and supplies.
Each classsroom is amazing. I have just a few pictures of this amazing classroom. By clicking on the School Supply Addict's link you will get many more examples of each of the 87 classrooms!
Looking at the pictures makes me want to go work in my classroom!
I hope you find what you are looking for. I would love to know how you are decorating your classroom this year. Send in a picture or three and I'll post them. 

Meeting Those Techy Needs
Brittany Matteison, from Inspire.Love.Learn focuses in on some tech tips. I had to include her earbuds idea because it is something I may do.
Since I have so many students in my classroom, I am thinking about having three smaller boxes with twelve earbuds each. How do you store your earphones or earbuds?


gives tips on "not" over-decorating. I thought I would include this just to give us all an extra measure to use when judging what we put up. I just love having resources at my fingertips, and Angela always provides the best!

Pinterest Finatic

This link is to my "Classroom Organization" board. I have over 300 boards because I love to find fun things, and there are so many wonderfully creative ideas on Pinterest. If you would like to follow all my boards...

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