Thursday, July 2, 2015

Flip - Flop Product Swap

I'm hooking up with Confessions of a Teaching Junkie to do a "Flip Flop Product Swap," which I discovered while on vacation.

  • I tried to jump on the band-wagon while on vacation, but that did not work out. For some reason, my Surface would not let me, so if anyone blogs with a surface, I'd love some pointers.

Flip Flop Product Swap Rules:

This is for teachers who want to trade a product for Back-to-School.

  1. Look in my teacher store to find a product you would like to try out.
  2. Email me or leave a message at the bottom of the page telling me  product you would like of mine and leave a link to your store, so I can go and find a similar type product that I would like to try out, and you will send that to me.
  3. Finally,we will both try out each other's product and blog/pin/promote the other's product.
Hopefully this will give us a chance to try out some goodies as we get ready for back-to-school, and will allow us some added promotion for our products.
Make sure and visit Confessions of a Teaching Junkie to grab the linky and join the fun.
Free~ Flip Flop Fun:
Do you like the colored flip flops above? They are a freebie, so click here to get them.

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