Monday, July 6, 2015

It's here! Outstanding Operations Bring Breakthrough Opportunities to Student Practice

When I taught 3rd graders, I found that they often needed just a little more practice on a skill before they were actually ready for a test. Often, they knew how to do the operations one way, but that same operation looked different on a test, so I created this PowerPoint presentation to allow for student practice in a quick non-threatening way. Sometimes I had the students work in pairs or even as a table to come up with the answer. With the PowerPoint I gave immediate feedback, so each student could know if he/she was on the right track.

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Since I have switched to 5th grade, I have found that the skills are just ramped up a bit. If the students don't know these 3rd grade common core standards, they cannot always master the 5th grade version of the standards. Before I updated this to a 5th grade version, I thought I would share the 3rd grade one.

 I Couldn't Help Myself: I had to have a Scoot!

In the scoot, as in the PowerPoint, there are 18 problems that cover third grade OA 1-5. Take a look at a few of the task cards.

Did I say 18 problems? In the Scoot I have 36 problems as well as a blank page of cards to meet your every need.

For the Grand Finale ~ 

There are 3 versions of this bundled lessons:
  1. The PowerPoint with quick feedback on each slide ~ This will help you teach or reteach the lesson. Students should use whiteboards so they can show you their work. You can have students work individually, in pairs, or teams to provide a game invironment.
  2. The PowerPoint without quick feedback ~ This section has the same 18 problems; however, no answers are provided up front. This lesson is for when you want your students to think independently. This section can also be used for test prep, and even as a formative assessment. It can also be used in small groups.
  3. The Scoot Game ~ I have doubled the size of this lesson. I know there are times when you have extra large class sizes, so 36 task cards will really help you. If you have a small class you might want to use some of the task cards at a math center or for independent practice.

Here is a Freebie to provide an introduction to this Scoot

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