Saturday, July 11, 2015

Spotlight on Space: Pluto & Charon ~ New Horizons's Dynamic Duo

This tiny mysterious system is finally beginning to come into focus.This picture is taken from only 3.7 billion miles. I can't believe I said "only" in the same sentence as billion miles.

What do we know about the Pluto system so far? I have decided to create a quick chart to list what we know so far about Pluto and Charon, and then compare it to a new chart in a couple of weeks when we hope to know so much more. My biggest question at the moment is, "Do we call it a dwarf planet with 5 moons, or a double planet with four moons? That is a question for the New Horizon's team as well as the Astronomical Union.

What information am I looking for when New Horizons flys by Pluto? 
  1. Actual Pictures of Pluto, Charon, and the other moons.
  2. Pictures of the atmoshere.
  3. Are there mountains, valleys, fractures and other unusual features on these worlds?
  4. Are their eruptions? Craters?
  5. Rings?
  6. More moons?
  7. Do we call this system a double planet system, or the Pluto system with x amount of moons?
Stay tuned, and remember to check out the New Horizon's Webpage for the latest information and daily updates. Click on the picture for Countdown Updates.

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