Monday, August 3, 2015

15 Fun FREEBIES for Teachers

I'm sitting on the patio drinking coffee and surfing the web! I keep coming across really great freebies, so I thought I'd share a few! If any of these look interesting to you, then click on the picture to go to the product.

Science for Kids by Sue Cahalane
What a great easy research project.
My students usually read leveled books about Marie Curie, Thomas Edison, and Leonardo da Vinci, so this will make a fantastic research and writing center.

Jennifer Bradley offers this free game. 
I am planning on using it as a teambuilding game in my classroom because most years I have several students who just do not get along. I think it is because the kids are missing some basic social skills. This game is geared for older students in grades 5-8. 

Rachel Parlett has been posting one free classroom game each Friday this summer. They are really great resources that you might want to check out. 

Want to find out what other teachers are reading to their students? 
Check out "Wild about 5th Grade"

Daily 5 Posters are from Jane Loretz

Third Grade Triumph

A Chocolate Dudley
This is another writing project I plan on doing early in the school year either with my homeroom class or my ELD class.

4 sets of fonts are available by Nicole Shelby. These are for both personal and commercial use and of course they are free. What a great deal!

I had to grab this one up because I have always needed to have established team jobs. I think Teacher's Take-Out has done a fantastic job with the deiscription of each job. The product was featured in the 10 Free products that TpT posts each year.

Compliments of Steve's Classroom

Interactive Notebooks are my favorite. This one is K-4, but it also includes a very kid-friendly rubric that I plan to use with my students.

The Teacher Treasure Hunter gives her students Editing jobs. I love the idea even for my older students ~ although I probably won't have as many of the jobs simply because it would be too distracting for some students. the students definitely need to edit their own work. 

I know it is too early to be posting penguin stuff, but this was just hanging out in the front of Teacher Treasure Hunters TpT store when I was looking at the editing product above. 
I absolutely love penguins, and even though it is a bit young for my students, I thought I would use this as a mini-lesson that the students work through. Then they will need to create the information cards for the remaining 11 penguins that are not listed with the product. They will prepare their information boards just like the Teacher Treasure Hunter did, and then the third graders can use them  just like this product outlines. I think this will be a research hook for some of my students.

I posted this yesterday and Click here for older post.

I have 29 free products in my TpT store that you might want to take a look at. The picture I am posting is a mini-lesson on making slides using sand. You can actually make the slides with anything and then look at them under the microscope. Just click on the picture and it will take you to my 29 free products.

Well, this make 15 freebies out there. Which one is your favorite? I'd love to here from you!


  1. Kelly thanks so much for the shout out of my posters of the Daily Five. I am off to check out all the other freebies you mentioned. Jane