Saturday, August 1, 2015

Creating a Classroom Economy

I have posted a Classroom Checkbook for students to keep track of their classroom money. This will be something my students do first thing in the morning while they are eating breakfast. My goal is to give students a practical reason for using math as well as set them up for using best behavior so they can earn rewards.

I used to have a store that I opened twice a month, but in the last few years I have transfered over to Beach Parties. I have a beach party once a month during their PE time. 
In this product I have listed 16 ideas that I have used during the school year. I usually have 9-10 parties during a school year, and I usually choose something fun, but educational so students can have fun while they are learning.

This is my newest currency; however I still have coins and jewels from the days of the Pirate Themed classroom when I was a third grade teacher. The entire grade level adopted my Pirate Theme, so I felt I needed to change things when I moved to 5th grade. Being a sand collector, I decided that the obvious theme would be a beach theme. This is a fantastic fit for me. 

Students earn money in several ways: coming to school, good behavior, working hard, learning and getting good grades on tests, doing accelerated reader, bringing notes from home in a timely manner etc.

Students also pay fines when their behavior is not what it should be.

Because I want students to treat school property with respect, they also pay rent for their desk, chair, textbooks and other school items.. All of this is carefully outlined in the product and it is in PowerPoint version, so you can use it with your class and not have to make a lot of changes. The biggest change you might have to worry about is the font. If you don't have the same fonts as I have, the PowerPoint defaults to NewTimesRoman, which is my least favorite font.
Shelby Fonts: Set 4- Personal and Commercial Use {Freebie}
Shelby Mixed Emotions
Shelby Hot Wheels
which happen to be FREE!

Here are some of the parties I will have this year:
Thanks to Teacher Karma for this bunting.

It is a "Home-made" ice-cream party. I have students ready about "Ben & Jerry's" as a reading assignment, and then we make vanilla ice-cream. Last year I brought a package of oreos, that they could stir into their ice-cream.
This is quite a bit of work, but lots of fun. I have not written up my Ice-cream project yet, but will do it soon.

This is one of my favorite activities. The corkboard was purchased from Oriental Trading, but it is not there at the moment, so I am looking around for another source. I collect sea shells throughout the year just for this project. I also have some sea glass from the Sea Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California that I use. 

Here is another project from Oriental Trading. I have to say that I really like penguins, so I just couldn't resist this little cutie. I bought enough to last for two years, so I am set. The year before last I had a game day which was a real hit with my students, so you don't have to spend money. 

this project also comes with a foldable for your Interactive Notebooks.
This is the Colored Version. I am going to have the students write yes or no in each little box.
Here is the Black & White Version
Here is the inside. I want the students to write down something they liked about the beach party. If they didn't go to the party, I want them to make a plan to earn more money, so they can go next time.

Let me know how you reward your students for best behaior and learning new information that will help them on tests. I'd love to get some more ideas. If you want to know what else I am doing with my beach parties,  click here to see "Beach Parties and the Classroom Economy" , or just check it out in my store.

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