Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Do You Allow Water Bottles in the Classroom?

I have always provided a water bottle on the first day of school, and I have always thought I should somehow add a name tag or something. Well, just I discovered that Diane, from Teach With Me posted a Classroom Freebie that is a must, for every teacher!

Diane's dazzling ideas take the water bottle idea a step further, for she uses it as a teambuilding activity with her labels. She has several different but similar questions on her labels, so she gets her teams talking about goals and what they want to learn this year. It is another nice way to begin the year. When I first spotted her labels I began reading them to pick the one I liked best. At first I thought all the students should have the same saying... that is, until I realized her idea for getting the students to discuss what they hoped to learn this year, what their goals were -- essentially, to get the students focused in on why they come to school. I think it is brilliant. Little messages need to be woven into everything we do in the classroom if we want our kiddos to really be there to learn.

But that is not all
She adds a poem, poster and notebook page with 125 ways to describe water to help with writing activities. Rather than post everything she has already done, I am directing you to her information. If you click on the picture, it will take you to Diane's TpT Store to get this FREE Product.

If you click on Classroom Freebie you will find the article I read.
If you click on Teach With Me, you will find Diane's official website.

Who out there allows water bottles in the classroom? Click below and tell us what grade and how you handle the water situation in your class.

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