Saturday, August 29, 2015

Education Tips from a Mountain Top View

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Okay! I'm not actually on the top of the mountain, but I'm sitting out on the deck in the middle of the mountains and it is a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

I've was looking up trout informaion for my informational reading (which will be featured soon). You might want to look up my trout Web-Quest which I have already blogged about.
 Anyway, while I was researching, I took up a little side trip and discovered a few things. I have to admit that I'm a bit addicted to looking things up and wanting to try out something new. Here is what I found today:
Bloggerific has a creative set up with some great resources. I have known about RACE, but had lost track of it. Visit her site by clicking on the RACE pic to see what else is posted.

Bullying has become a huge issue. Most often kids don't realize that they are being mean and bullying. I'm always on the lookout for a good resource. Here is a set of free posters.
Bullying Prevention Posters Freebie

I ablsolutely love the combination of Literature Circle and Respect that Crafting Connections created from a project of her second grader. 
I want to start literature circles, but have always been afraid of them. Well, this year I am going to do it. I'll begin by posting this anchor chart first. 

I had planned for the Literature Circle/Respect anchor chart to be my last tip, but then I discovered 

I found some more anchor charts on BuzzFeed, that I  believe need a second look. For example, I just completed my first close reading story with my new class. I know the students all did close ready last year, so I want to know if they understand  the reasoning behind read a text or passage more than once, so the first anchor chart has students marking off what they covered and why.

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