Friday, August 7, 2015

Nifty New Foldable Features Pluto-Charon System for Interactive Notebook

This adorable little foldable took quite awhile to make, but it is well worth the work. I can't wait to use it with my students. Of course I also cannot wait to share the new pictures with my students.

Here it is upclose. This is not the color copy because my colored printer is at work.
Once it is cut out, and unfolded, it looks like this on the outside. I have a place for Pluto and Charon, and then a spot for each of the tiny moons: Nix, Hydra, Styx, and Kerberos.

Here is the outside of the color copy. 

Once you open the foldable, it is set up so the student can see the names of all the moons. I plan to have my students draw the moons on the sides you see here, and then list important information for each on the other side.

A bonus feature to the foldable is
a picture of the Pluto System. Of course the moons are not to scale, but the shapes are beginning to come into focus. So click on any of the pictures above to see this product in my TpT store.

I am going to show them my updated PowerPoint (Featured yesterday)

Next my students will do their own research using my webpage as a starting point. This poster above can be found on the New Horizons website, Pluto Safair, and now in my PowerPoint.
Yesterday I wrote about Pluto Safari, so you might want to take a look if you missed it.

My PowerPoint has two writing assignments in it, as well as the Interactive Foldable. Since I will be using this in the beginning of the year (at least this year) I will use the foldable as the assessment of what they learned, so we will spend 2-3 writing/science session on Pluto, and then move on.

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