Sunday, August 9, 2015

Tour Weird Dwarf Planet Ceres

I think this is a pretty cool video clip. Scientist still do not know what is causing the bright spots; however, they have discovered more of that material on the tallest Cerean Mountain.

Incase you are interested, I have an indepth PowerPoint of Ceres and the first 10 asteroids
Ceres & the First 10 Asteroids in the Asteroid Belt
This is a 64-slide PowerPoint that includes video clips and 5 writing assignments.
It can also be purchased as a bundle, which saves your money.
An Amazing Adventure: Exploring the Asteroid Belt
This PowerPoint has 175 slides and includes all three PowerPoints on Asteroids.
FREE ~ Near Earth Asteroids PowerPoint
Here is a FREEBIE. Click on the Picture.

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