Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Why I Can't Skip My Reading Homework Tonight! ~ FREEBIE

Have you ever seen this poster? It totally blows my mind when I think of how beneficial reading homework can be. I found an old poster of this and used it in my classroom. It just didn't have the impact that I wanted it to have, so I reworked it so that I have a simple two-slide presentation to periodically show my students and then my parents at both back-to-school night and parent conference.
I will have this posted on my smart board the second morning of school. Hopefully the magic will begin at the first click.....
I will point out each part. On my mext revision I'll put each student on a different slide and enlarge it.
The chart at the top is the summary and the questions will fly in one at a time to allow for group collaboration.
After the discussion, I will have students put their thoughts in writing, so they can reflect on it through out the year.
 This is a free item in my TpT store, so feel free to grab one. I would love to hear how you plan on using this in your classroom.

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