Monday, September 7, 2015

Bread in a Baggie ~ Yields Cool Results

My grandson found the coolest experiment on Facebook, and he sent me the link so I could do it with my students. It is free, and easy, and a very effective visual.
This was originally posted by Courtney Lee Simpson
I am going to do this, but will use 4 slices of bread:
1. Controlled: I'll use gloved and place the bread in the ziplock. 

2. Dirty Hands: I'll pass the bread around for students to handle after lunch recess.
3. Anti-bacterial foam: Students will clean hands with the anit-bacterial foam and then pass the bread.
4. Students will all wash their hand and pass around the 4th slice of bread. We will check daily and try to graph the change.

If you would like to know how Courtney did this, then click on the picture or her name to take you to her post.

If you try this out, please send your results so our classes can compare them.

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