Friday, September 25, 2015

Columbus Craftivity Challenges Students to Create...

... Although this craftivity is one of my culminating activities to my Christopher Columbus Unit, it can be an awesome "jumping off point" into many studies.

First, we use our hats on field trips. If several classes are doing this, then have each class write the students names in different colors: One year we used red, blue, black, purple, and orange.

Because we did several science activities, we wore our hats when studying new science concepts.

Basically, we wore our hats when we studied new "big ideas," which really set the students up for noticing that they were learning something new that was important.

Now, onto the actual...

Columbus Craftivity:

 that Challenges Students to Create!

Before attempting this craftivity, you will need to purchase hats. I always purchase mine from Oriental Trading. If you find a cheaper source, please let me know. I'm always on the look-out for the best deal.

First, students need to know the story of that discovery voyage of Columbus, so they can decide what to put on their hats. Next, they should plan out what they are going to draw on strips of paper the size of the drawing space. Additionally, they should practice drawing (which is included in the powerpoint). 
The teacher actually models how to make some of the things to give students direction.

Finally, they should use markers to actually design their hats. I use permanent markers because fabric markers are so expensive. You can decide which kind of marker to use based on what is in your supply cabinet and your budget.

These hats are truly a work of art! Even if they turn out messy, they represent the students and their journey through your class. So visit my TpT store and get the Instructions today!

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