Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Research Columbus Through His Journal

How do you study about Columbus? 

Did you notice that I didn't say, "celebrate Columbus?"
I have several different things that I do. Today I'm going to share how I start my unit on Columbus, which is actually part of my "Explorers Unit."

Don't you just love having your students keep a journal? 
Here is a journal for when you study about Christopher Columbus and his monumental voyage in 1492
I like to read from I, Columbus, My Journal. I switch it up and either have them summarize what happened, or have them write down their own experiences in their nifty little Columbus Journals-- depending on what is happening at school or in the community.

If you don't have access to the book, I, Columbus, My Journal, then there is a free site where you can get a kid-friendly version of the Journal which I have included in my unit.
The actual journal my students use is quite simple, but cute! I got the graphics from Educlips, and the adorable border from Creative Clips.

I also include a page with just lines, so you can run off as many as your students will need.

I do not think any product is complete without some research, so I have included a link to my web-page, where I have additional links to Columbus.
I test each of the sites listed before I begin the unit to ensure that they work. If you click on the picture above, you can actually go to my webpage and see what is available.
I know that primary sources are often hard to come by, so here is a letter from Columbus. You can find it on my web-site as well.

Here are some older pictures for study as well as poems and stories.

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