Monday, October 12, 2015

Columbus Day Mega Bundle = Mega Deal!

Before I promote a product, I have to promote my newest "Columbus Book," Encounter
This is an excellent book to show the visit of Columbus from the perspective of the people who lived on the islands that he explored. This book should help with classroom discussions on any explorer and the effects they have on the cultures they visit. 
It just arrived on Saturday and I'll be using it today!

I have just put together fall of my Columbus products into one bundle for a great savings.

Columbus: The Voyage ~ PA Drama Presentation
This play is designed for 10-30 students. I do this by combining the talking parts of the sailors and Native Americans. When I first began doing the play, many students did not want to talk or even participate in the play, but as the years have passed, I have had many more participants. The part I like best, is that the students study about the journey and they add their own parts. I also have quite a few narrators, so those parts may also be combined.

I have to be honest and admit that I like doing research, so I have provided many opportunities for students to read for themselves. I have a Columbus Journal that allows for space to record the information they glean from reading.

The cool thing about the journal is that is has more than one purpose. I also want to get several perspectives of Columbus. Hence, the book I began this blog post with. I also want Columbus' point of view so I use his journal as a read aloud so they also get his point of view.

I love the STEM activities! I have done many different STEM activities over the years, but the ones included in this post are my absolute favorites. The journal has a page or two for each activity. to get more details on the actual activities, see my earlier post HERE.

This craftivity is expensive and it takes some money to purchase the sailor hats -- or
You can make them:

There are some great options out there, so you don't actually have to spend money!

Columbus had his own family shield. Have your students create one!

There are many FREE shields online to choose from, and there are many things you can do with this project.

This is probably one of my favorites. I threw an easy foldable at my students last year to research Either Italy, Spain, or Portugal. I loved the idea, but the page I had found, just didn't quite fit my needs, so I remade it. I found that the students liked reading about the different countries. Since I collect sand, I have sand from many of the Caribbean Islands that Columbus visited, so I started researching to see which Islands he actually visited, and came up with a lengthy list. 
I have included the list in this product which can be cut apart and put in a container to have students pull out. Whichever country they get, that is the one they start with. I have put links to those countries on my Webpage for easy access. 

On the back page of this foldable, I have students begin to list their resources (bibliography). Since students do several of these over the course of the month, they get pretty good at listing the resources and it becomes second nature for them. This is how I introduce the bibliography. The next time, I'll help students list just a little more information in the bibliography, so they don't become overwhelmed by the process.

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