Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Developing a Growth Mindset with Students

I have been on Twitter since it began, but to be honest, I am really just learning how to use it. This morning I discovered a very interesting post from Vicki Davis, at Cool Cat Teacher. I have been following her for quite a while and I liked the poster she posted:

Come to find out that Vicki has quite a bit to say about how to get kids thinking with a qrowth mindset. Here are a couple of ways to begin.
  1. Show the Carol Dweck's TED Talk on Growth Mindset
  2. Show students Sylvia Duckworth's Mind Growth Sketchnotes (poster above)
  3. Discuss the statements in the poster
  4. Come up with a fun way to "catch" your students using the the growth mindset statements.
Vicki lists several other resources to use, so CLICK HERE to visit her website and learn more:
  • Decorating the Classroom
  • Start saying the right things:
  • Other Free Resources on Growth Mindset

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