Sunday, October 11, 2015

Fun & Free Giveaways!

Open it up and find your surprise!

Don't you just love FREEBIES? I do. In fact, if I am being honest, I am a "Sucker for them".
I love to see what people giveaway, because I can try out their products.

As a result of Krista Wallden's generousity, I have acquired many freebies. I just love her clip art, and she is one of my "go-to people" anytime I need clipart.

Right now Krista has a promotional going on. If you grab her freebie, and leave feedback, she will unlock a new freebie when she gets 600 feedbacks. What a great deal!
The Cool thing about this promotional, is that it is not all about Halloween. You just don't know what kind of surprise you will get, but I definitely love these little elves and peppermint spinners. I suspect that after the promotion, these little guys will no longer be free, so you might want to jump on this today!

So click on her elf spinner, or logo to go to the latest freebie. We just need 100 more feedbacks to unlock our next mystery gifts. Remember to leave feedback!

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