Saturday, October 10, 2015

Promoting Success: Human Body Systems Quiz, Interactive Notebooks, Vi...

I just love interactive notebooks! I also love studying about the body. I think children will be better equipped to "Say No to Drugs" and other substances if they understand how their body works and what happens to it if they begin taking drugs.

I want to talk about two things today:
1. The Following Blog Post where you can find out more about Interactive Notebooks while studying about the body.
2. My Webpage where many excellent sites are ready and waiting for your students to research these topics and body systems.

Promoting Success: Human Body Systems Quiz, Interactive Notebooks, Vi...: We've produced helpful teaching resources to assist you in teaching the basics of the human body systems. Our interactive notebooks c...

Promoting Success has located videos for each body system and created a free test for each video

Promoting Success has also created Interactive Notebook pages as well as other materials that can be used in studying the body. What a fantastic time saver. Check it out!

Studying the body is important for many reasons, but having students research the systems can cause embarrassment if not done correctly. I don't want students doing web searches unless they type in something like this: "skeletal system for kids". To get away from that problem completely, I have done a lot of the legwork and found some quality sites that students can go to. My webpage looks like this:

I have each body system listed with links to quality websites for kids:

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