Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pumpkin Patch for Story Elements

I am totally copying this idea that I found from Runde's Room. Jen took a cute idea and turned it into a fun language opportunity using Story Elements from the book she was reading, Wonder, my next read aloud.
I am going to begin with walking my students through the book we just finished, Young Astronauts #1 (I know, it is totally an old book, but it went really well with the science unit my grade level adopted ~ and the kids totally loved it.)

In fact, they loved the book and the characters so much that we are reading book #2.

The pictures all come from pumpkin pictures come from Runde's Room as I have not done this yet, although I will be starting next week.

She uses the story elements: Plot, Theme, Characters, Setting, Conflict-Resolution, and Point of View. 

Jen also provides a link where you can download a pumpkin pattern if you do not already have one. Just click on her name or any of these pumpkin pictures to see Jen's original post.

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