Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Reading & Writing Opportunities for Agriculture in the Classroom

I teach in an agricultural area where many students have parents who work in the "fields" harvesting crops for a living; yet many often students do not know much about the actual crops that are growing around them.

It is time this scenario changes! My school district is one of many through the United States and Canada who participates in the "Ag in the Classroom" and "Harvest of the Month" programs to help students become aware of the nutritious crops that surround them.

Today I am going to share just a couple of things to help you get started in promoting healthy eating habits and connecting students to Agriculture through reading and writing.

Each year The California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom hosts "The Imagine This... Writing Contest" for students. The prize for each grade level (3rd-8th) grade is to get your story published. What an amazing prize and opportunity for your students that is worth working for! The best story from each grade level is published in book form. You can also have students read the stories online. Just click on the picture above to take you to all of the stories. I read several stories to my class each year. They are short and great for teaching about theme, plot, setting, and character development.

"The Imagine... This Writing Contest" ends each year on November 1st. So you still have time to get your story written. Click HERE for all of the details on the contest.

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