Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Pumpkin Patch

This week, our pumpkins were delivered! I had yard duty, so I didn't get to set it up (first-time ever that I didn't unload 550 pumpkins. Don't worry! I have always had a crew of parents, kids, and teachers. With the help of a colleague, I did set up the little pumpkin posters though and the scarecrows.
After the pumpkin patch was set up, 5th graders went out to find out about pumpkins and and pick one out.

Although, they have been discontinued by Oriental Trading, someone gave me their set of pumpkin booklets. In the booklet, students have a place to write down data about pumpkins they learn about. 

Students were to write down 10 new things they learned about pumpkins.

Many of the items were about nutrition facts.

Some items were just plain fun. 

I also created a little booklet to use when I thought I would not have the Oriental Trading booklets that you may be interested in.

For more inforation, you may want to see an earlier blog post about this.
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One more product that deals with pumpkin patches and pumpkin writing is 

For detailed information on this product you can visit another earlier blog  titled Pumpkin Patch Practice
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