Sunday, October 4, 2015

Using Picture Books to Teach "Theme"

I just love buying books! Don't you? Since I am teaching on Theme, I thought I would check to see if there is anything new out there, and I ran across a delightful blog with an amazing booklist just for theme. You must check out Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension, by Pernille Ripp.

I just purchased these two after reading her blog post.
Chopsticks, by Amy Krouse ~ Theme: Finding your place in the world and having the courage to try new things. I had to purchase this because we study about places all over the world and then look at sand from those areas. (I'm a sand collector.) I can't wait until it gets here!

The OK Book offers such great advice on why you should keep trying things until you discover what you are great at, which is also by Amy Krouse.

The North Star by Peter Reynolds is about taking risks to find your own path. 

Pernille Ripp has identified an exceptional list of books with incredible themes, which I encourage you to look into here. I now have several of these on my wish list since I have a running list of books for purchase on Amazon.

Click on the picture to see product in my TpT store.
Another thing I do for theme is a foldable and some student sentence frames for beginning writing on theme. To find out more, I have blogged about it here, and also HERE 

Here are some Additional Special Savings:

Did you look at Pernille Ripp's booklist? She included some books that are on sale through the Scholastic Book Clubs. All you have to do is clip on the pictures:

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