Sunday, October 18, 2015

Weekend Web-Work

Huge Shout-out to Educlips for Providng the cute graphics and frame & to Whimsey Workshop for the stain-glass title.

I spent the weekend working! I mostly worked on my thesis, but when I took breaks, I worked on my webpage. That is where the title of this post comes from ~ "Weekend Web-Work" I use Protopage for my webpage, and it has become bogged down on my "Around the World" page, so I finally began to move North America to a new page. To be more accurate, I moved the rest of North America to a new page, because I had already moved the United States to "50 States". 

While doing that I had to add information and pictures for each section. It isn't all the way finished yet, but I think it looks pretty good.

On this page I have included Greenland and Canada, which are both in the left column. The middle column is reserved for Central American Countries, and the right column has the Caribbean Countries. There are links for each country listed.

So, you might be asking why I went to all of this trouble? Well, my students will take a quick look at these countries because we just had Columbus Day and I want to use that excuse to find out a bit more about the world they live in. 
These countries are part of a small research project which the students began last week. I chose one country and read a book to the class while they took notes. They transferred the notes onto this cute little foldable below. (The top two pages make up the inside and outside of the foldable. The bottom two pictures are put on a portolio cover made out of construction paper so students can place all of the reports that they research and create.

This week, my students will study another country on their own and create their own foldable to later share with their group. Each student will create at least three, but I'm hoping that most students will create many more.

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