Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Big Kids Write Letters to Santa

I'm a fifth grade teacher who takes every opportunity to get the class to write. A Letter to Santa is just the thing, because our local newspaper prints them. It's a win-win, because students know others will be reading their writing, so they take their time to craft this narrative piece. Students are will to look at their writing more critically, and consider their choice of words because people other than the teacher will be reading it.

I use this writing as a time to practice some of the skills we have worked on during the first half of the school year. Here is a glimpse of what I do:

 I don't want my students just asking for things, so they need to think of something interesting about themselves and share something special that happened to them during the year. Many students devote a paragraph to Santa, the reindeer, the elves, or Mrs. Clause as well.

I also had fun creating this stationary for the students to write on:
When your letters are printed in the newspaper, make sure to acquire several copies for a reading center. Your class will take their time as they read the many letters to Santa.

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